In Tune: The Features

In Tune: The Features

May 31st, 2012 in Local Regional News

The Features are returning to Chattanooga for the third time within the past six months, this time taking the stage at the Riverbend Festival on June 15.

The Features are returning to Chattanooga for the...

Playing the music that you feel like playing, or adjusting your sound to fit a popular genre? That has to be a question a lot of up-and-coming bands find themselves wondering from time to time. Some sell out and try to be what they think the masses want to hear and what will make them the most money. However, others continue to play the music that comes to them naturally, whether that effort catches on or not.

Album Information

The Wilderness ' 2011

Big Mama Gonna Whip Us Good ' How It Starts ' Offer Up ' Fats Domino

Some Kind of Salvation ' 2009

Whatever Gets You By ' Foundation's Cracked ' Wooden Heart ' Baby's Hammer ' Lions

Exhibit A ' 2004

Me & the Skirts ' Blow It Out ' Leave It All Behind ' Situation Gone Bad ' The Idea of Growing Old

One quick listen to any album from The Features is pure evidence that these guys produce the music that they want to play. Their style of rock-n-roll includes a twist of alternative rock, a mix of indie rock and even a hint of Britpop. But besides the unique mixture of sound that melds together to define this rock band, there is one other major factor that makes this band special - they are relentless. From their early incarnation in the late 90s of a high school band in the small town of Sparta, The Features have survived constant touring over the years, recording a few albums that were never released, and various record label changes which included major label Universal Records. But even though they have been well received in the UK and have become a mainstay performing for larger crowds around the Nashville area, the band has only received medium success throughout their career.

However, lately it seems their relentless nature is beginning to pay off. Besides being signed to a new record label started by well-known Tennessee band Kings of Leon, they have also recently had a song included on the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga movie, as well as a song featured in a new 2013 Ford Mustang commercial. Catch them on the rise in Chattanooga this month.

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Denver, Colorado-based 50s pop inspired indie rock band

Young and Old (2012)

Origins ' My Better Self ' Petition

Cape Dory (2011)

Long Boat Pass ' Marathon ' Pigeon

Trampled By Turtles

More Info for Trampled by Turtles



Duluth, Minn.-based progressive bluegrass band

*Performing at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in June

Stars and Satellites (2012)

Alone ' High Water ' Beautiful ' Keys to Paradise ' The Calm and the Crying Wind

Palomino (2010)

Wait So Long ' Victory

Duluth (2008)

Empire ' Methodism in Middle America

Trouble (2007)

Still In Love With You ' Arming of Infants ' Trouble

Blue Sky and the Devil (2005)

Codeine ' Blue Sky and the Devil ' Burn for Free ' Silver and Gold


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Atlanta-based hip-hop artist

Strange Clouds (2012)

So Hard to Breathe ' Both of Us ' Strange Clouds ' Out of My Mind ' Just a Sign

B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray (2010)

Don't Let Me Fall ' Nothin' On You ' Airplanes