Alderman Steve Looney questions night use of ballfields

Alderman Steve Looney questions night use of ballfields

October 17th, 2012 by Ryan Lewis in Local Regional News

JASPER, Tenn. - When the lights are on at the ballfields at Jasper Park, it costs the town.

Alderman Steve Looney said that when only two or three people are using the lights on a field after dark, it's a waste of money.

Recently, one of the park's neighbors called Looney to complain about the lights being on at one of the fields after 9 p.m. with only two people using the field.

"How do we patrol two people out there at 9 at night with all the lights on?" Looney said. "What we need to do is straighten it out."

Jasper Parks and Recreation Director Chris Slatton said there is only one team that has scheduled practice times on the park's fields. The switches for the lights at the newest part of the facility are "locked up in a room," he said.

"The old softball field and McGrew Field are not [locked] because of these practice schedules," Slatton said. "They are lockable, and when we're done with them, we lock them up."

Mayor Billy Simpson said none of the field lights at Jasper Park can be accessed after Nov. 1 each year.

Slatton said he hasn't had any complaints about the lights being on at night, but "we'll figure it out and fix the problem."