3 and Out with UTC center Patrick Sutton

3 and Out with UTC center Patrick Sutton

October 26th, 2012 by John Frierson in Local Regional News

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football player Patrick Sutton

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football player Patrick...

Photo by Ashlee Culverhouse /Times Free Press.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga center Patrick Sutton answers three quick questions about the offense and Saturday's game against No. 2 Georgia Southern:

  1. How is preparing for Georgia Southern's defense, and All-American defensive tackle Brent Russell, different from a normal week of preparation?

Sutton: Georgia Southern does a real good job of not really tipping anything off. You can't tell by [Russell's] stance where he's going. Most defensive linemen have their heels off the ground and he has his heels on the ground and he can throw you either which way.

We've just been trying to work on the little things this week: finishing blocks and getting on our landmarks.

  1. For offensive linemen, does all the crazy stuff UTC's offense is doing this season really affect what you do?

Sutton: Not really. It's the same plays. We listen for two things in the huddle and the rest of it we tune out. We listen for the snap count and we listen for our play. And all the different tags go to the running backs, quarterbacks and receivers.

If it weren't' for a few key words, like if we have to hold a block a little bit longer here, we wouldn't know that they were doing crazy stuff in the backfield.

  1. You don't exactly have time to look around and watch during a play, so are you surprised by what you see when you watch practice and game film?

Sutton: [Offensive line coach Alex] Atkins does a good job of telling us what to do, but he doesn't really draw up what they're doing. You come in and watch film the next day and you say, 'dang, maybe I should have held that block a second longer' or something.

We have to be aware of what [the rest of the offense is] doing, but at the same time it's pretty basic for us.

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