Asia Buffet offers room for groups of all sizes

Asia Buffet offers room for groups of all sizes

September 2nd, 2012 in Local Regional News

Sushi chef Terry Lin

Sushi chef Terry Lin

Families, friends and church groups can now enjoy new recipes at Asia Buffet's Sunday brunch.

To keep customers excited about the buffet and selection available, manager Grant Lee says he has decided to add new recipes such as oysters, Peking duck and a snapper prepared with lemon sauce.

"Sunday brunch, we have some special dishes," he says. "The prices haven't risen in four years for Sunday brunch."

Guests can enjoy their favorite Chinese, Japanese and even a few American recipes every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for $7.45. After being seated, there is no wait before dining.

"It's a good family day and you want to give the benefit to the customers," Lee says. "After church everyone is hungry already. This way, they can walk in and get their plate and eat."

Many guests arriving at the restaurant meet up with small groups of friends or family to eat, but Asia Buffet is also an ideal location for larger gatherings. There is a party room tucked in the back of the restaurant away from the hustle and bustle of the main dining room. Streamers, lanterns and chandeliers decorate the space, which is often used by guests to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries or simply for large gatherings of hungry friends, family and church groups.

Fresh beef and vegetables from the hibachi grill at Asia Buffet

Fresh beef and vegetables from the hibachi grill...

"We have a private party room that can handle a maximum of 120 people," Lee says. "We don't charge for the room. They have their own space and easy access to the bar. You just walk in and eat." After seven years on Lee Highway, Lee says he has a good idea what the customers want as far as food, service and quality. However, he always listens to feedback so he can continue improving the restaurant for guests by adding new items to the hot bars, hibachi grill and sushi station.

Every day, there are more than 300 items available, featuring guests' favorites like kung pao chicken, crab legs (at dinner only) and salt and pepper shrimp. The kitchen can also prepare special request items if needed. "A bunch of the food is healthy with plenty of vegetables," Lee says. "We can make special requests for vegetarian dishes."

Diners looking for healthier options are welcome to visit Asia Buffet's hibachi bar and request that the fresh meats and vegetables be prepared with a minimum amount of oil. The sushi chef can also make special dishes for customers, preparing the guests' favorite sushi on demand.