Defense picks at prior statements by witness in Stout murder trial

Defense picks at prior statements by witness in Stout murder trial

September 6th, 2012 by Todd South in Local - Breaking News

Myles Stout

Myles Stout

The defense attorney for a 21-year-old man on trial for murder repeatedly pointed at differences in past statements and recent testimony of a witness to the shooting death.

Hank Hill challenged trial testimony from Amanda Freeman as compared to what she told police in interviews both immediately after the death of 18-year-old Myles Compton and again 10 days later.

Hill represents Myles Stout, 21, whose defense is that the incident was an accident and he did not know the weapon was loaded when he pointed at Compton. He is charged with second-degree murder.

Freeman said in the trial she heard Stout say, "I'm done" after Compton was shot.

But Hill read a transcript of her first interview with police in which she said she heard Stout say, "I'm so dead."

In the same interview, Freeman said Stout "freaked out" after firing the gun. She told police, "I know, I just know he didn't mean to."

But another witness, Daniel Fineley, who testified after Freeman, said he heard Stout say, "Tell them he shot himself" after shooting Compton.

Police and witnesses say Stout shot Compton in the chest at a March 2011 gathering in the 9125 Stoney Mountain Drive home of Driscoll and his family.

Compton's family has filed a separate $10 million civil lawsuit against Stout, Driscoll and Driscoll's parents, Jerry and Patricia, who own the gun and allegedly allowed minors to drink alcohol in their home before the shooting.

Previous testimony described a scene in which Kevin Driscoll showed Compton two unloaded handguns. He said he heard Stout load one of the guns, then saw him point it at several people before pushing the handgun's barrel into Compton's chest and firing.

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