Third phase of Dayton renovations on track

Third phase of Dayton renovations on track

April 12th, 2013 by Kimberly McMillian in Local Regional News

A view of Market Street businesses from the Secret Garden in downtown Dayton, Tenn. Dayton will implement the third phase of the courthouse square revitalization private realm grant for downtown businesses to upgrade their entrance doors, storefront glass and glazing, windows and miscellaneous exterior building improvements. Photo by Kimberly McMillian


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When: April 13 from 3-8 p.m.

Where: Downtown Dayton

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DAYTON, Tenn. - MainStreet Dayton will begin the third phase of its courthouse square revitalization project later this summer, officials said at the group's monthly meeting this week.

Design Committee Chairman Kerry Nabors said he had received at least nine requests for program applications "due to the success of the last two [phase renovations]."

In October 2011, the board approved $75,000 for the second phase of renovations, aimed at completing projects not covered in the first phase of sign work, exterior painting and new awnings at downtown businesses.

The board approved Nabors' request for $112,500 for the third phase of work, rather than the budgeted $100,000. Approved applicants will receive $10,000 for improvements to include storefront glass and glazing, exterior windows, entrance doors and miscellaneous exterior building rehabilitation, he said.

Applications are due by May 24, and renovations will start later this summer.

Businessman Eric Trowell of Dayton Paint and Glass Co. asked if there were specific requirements for signs.

Nabors said MainStreet Dayton was including a list of suggestions with the applications, and that Ronnie Raper, a Rhea County commissioner employed by Dayton, could assist with specifics of the city's ordinances.

The purchase of decorative posts and street signs with larger lettering also is planned for 2013.

Executive Director Anna Tromanhauser passed out copies of a newly designed survey for downtown stakeholders developed by the organization's economic restructuring committee.

She said the organization needed "four to six people to sector off" for distribution of the questionnaire to merchants, employees, residents and building owners from Alabama Street up to state Highway 30 near Coulter-Garrison Funeral Home.

Distribution of the surveys will take place later this month, she said.

"The survey is a critical issue," Chairman Randy Wells said, and will offer a clearer picture if its range is broadened to the website at once the initial feedback is received.

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