One of 3 East Ridge city manager candidates quits job

One of 3 East Ridge city manager candidates quits job

April 18th, 2013 in Local Regional News

One of East Ridge's three city manager candidates resigned from a similar position about eight months ago.

Kenneth Creque was the town manager in Plymouth, N.C., for three years before stepping down in August, but the East Ridge City Council did not ask him about that during a 30-minute interview Wednesday.

Creque was one of two candidates to meet with the council through Skype.

Mayor Brent Lambert said he did not bring up Creque's resignation because the first interview was not the time. Lambert wanted to verify that the candidates held the necessary bachelor's degree in public administration - something Interim City Attorney Hal North also verified last week. Lambert said he wanted to get a "feel" for the candidates and talk to them about their government philosophies.

Other councilmen gave different reasons for not discussing the resignation.

"For some reason, all of us didn't think to ask," Marc Gravitt said. "But we will address it should we decide to bring him in for a follow-up interview."

After this week's interviews with Creque, Jim Coleman and Chris Dorsey, the council plans to bring at least one candidate in for another interview within the next two weeks.