Rossville man arrested on stalking, assault charges

Rossville man arrested on stalking, assault charges

August 1st, 2013 by Tyler Jett in Local Regional News

When Muffet Brown walked out of her bedroom Wednesday morning, she saw her ex-boyfriend coming toward her.

She said she looked past him, at a window in the back of her Rossville home at 721 Claire St. It was open. That’s how Paul Lee Guillory, 22, had slipped inside around 1 a.m.

Why do you have to break things? she asked.

“I’ll show you breaking things,” Guillory responded.

Then, according to an arrest report, Guillory grabbed some billiard balls and chucked them at Brown. She scrambled back into her room and tried to lock the door. But she couldn’t, she said. He stopped her.

About an hour later, after further alleged damage, the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested Guillory on charges of aggravated stalking, aggravated assault and burglary. He remained at the Catoosa County Jail on Wednesday afternoon, and his bond has not yet been set.

According to court records, the relationship between Brown and Guillory has often dissolved into fights and accusations. The Catoosa County Superior Court granted Brown a family violence protective order on May 22. The order lasts for one year.

In her application for the protective order, Brown described a pattern of abuse. Guillory curses at her, she said, and that’s followed by name calling, and that’s followed by something worse.

“I love Paul,” she wrote. “I feel he does not love me like I love him. I wish he would get some anger classes.”

During the arguments, Guillory damages things in the house, Brown said. He has burned clothes and lit furniture on fire. He broke a 50-inch TV once, and a PlayStation 3. And, three different times, he busted doors open.

Well, four times now. On Wednesday morning, according to the arrest report, Guillory knocked down Brown’s bedroom door as she ran from him. He then grabbed her and brought her to the bathroom. There, he pulled the shower head down, held it against her face and sprayed water on her.

“You are going to die tonight,” he said, according to the arrest report.

Eventually, Brown managed to roll away from Guillory. He let her go at first, and she packed her belongings and got in a car. But as she backed out of the driveway, Guillory ran toward her and hopped on the hood.

Brown continued to back out, and Guillory held on, gripping the windshield wipers. Brown backed out some more. One wiper ripped away from the car, according to police, but Guillory held on.

Out on the road now, on Claire Street, Brown drove forward. Finally Guillory fell off. Brown kept driving, and she called police.

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