Audit: 30% of Chattanooga recreation center inventory, technology missing

Audit: 30% of Chattanooga recreation center inventory, technology missing

August 13th, 2013 by Joy Lukachick Smith in Local - Breaking News

Larry Grohn

Larry Grohn

Photo by John Rawlston /Times Free Press.

During today's budget session, City Councilman Larry Grohn grilled the administration on why about 30 percent of the recreation center's inventory has been identified as missing or couldn't be accounted for.

Last week, Grohn said he asked City Auditor Stan Sewell to investigate the last three years of inventory going in and out of the city's 17 recreational centers.

Sewell identified that several of the recreational center's staff weren't keeping track of where some of the equipment including computers, cameras and sporting equipment, were going. Sewell said the study found several of the staffers weren't doing what is required by law to monitor the equipment.

In light of the findings, Grohn questioned how the city can justify adding more funding to the recreational centers for the mayor's initiatives including adding more reading programs at the centers.

"We're getting ready to put all this technology in place and we can't even secure what we have?" Grohn asked.

Chief Operating Officer Andrew Kean said the city has put new checks and balances in place to monitor the current equipment and ensure this doesn't happen again.

Sewell was asked to come to the budget session meeting this afternoon to explain his finding.

See tomorrow's Times Free Press for complete details.