Chattanooga Airport fires concessions operator

Chattanooga Airport fires concessions operator

August 19th, 2013 by Mike Pare in Local Regional News

Chattanooga Airport

Chattanooga Airport


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Chattanooga Airport officials have fired the company that has been running its restaurant and gift shop, citing quality issues and other complaints, and they hired a new operator today.

The airport authority agreed to terminate the contract for Air Host, which had operated at the terminal since 2001, and hire Tailwind Concessions.

Terry Hart, the airport's chief executive, said the new agreement was developed in response to feedback from airport customers and employees.

Hart said the airport will have to pay Air Host $498,500 to terminate the contract. But, Tailwind plans to pay that back in two separate payments.

Also, Tailwinds will pay the airport 10 percent of gross receipts, up from 5 percent which Air Host had paid, Hart said.

Tailwind currently serve airports in nine cities across the country, including Tri Cities, Tenn., Gainesville, Fla., Bloomington, Ill., and Shreveport, La.

Tailwind will begin operation Oct. 1.