Zoning changes concern residents in Ooltewah

Zoning changes concern residents in Ooltewah

August 22nd, 2013 by Louie Brogdon in Local Regional News

Commissioners also...

• Approved the reappointments of Grady Rhoden, Gary Watkins and Daniel Gordon Calhoun and appointed Ronald DeWitt Ray to six-year terms on the Industrial Development Board.

• Approve a four-year payment in lieu of tax agreement with WNA American Plastics for a $15 million expansion at its 5930 Quintus Loop facility. The agreement must be approved by Chattanooga and the Industrial Development Board.

• Accepted a $15,000 in-kind agreement with the city of Chattanooga to provide financial assistance to prevent homelessness.

J.C. Goins is being surrounded.

He has a 21-acre ranch on Providence Road in what has historically been rural Ooltewah. But for Goins and some of his neighbors, the country life might soon be over.

Hamilton County commissioners approved a zoning change Wednesday for a 48-acre tract at 8430 Providence Road, across the street from Goins. The zoning changed from agricultural to residential planned unit development. In April, commissioners did the same thing for another piece of property adjacent to Goins' ranch at 8315 and 8417 Providence Road.

That means neighborhoods soon may flank his property to the west and south.

Goins and other neighbors contested the April decision, fearing development would aggravate flooding in the area, but to no avail.

He didn't go to commissioners this time, but Goins said Wednesday he has the same fears about the new zoning change.

"There's a little creek that comes down the middle of that property, and sometimes it floods and goes into the basement of [a neighbor's] house," Goins said. "This area here has just -- it's about a flood zone to be honest."

Goins has owned his ranch for 27 years, and he said flooding followed development.

James Pratt, the developer for both planned developments, has said he hopes to improve water management at both properties.

Retention ponds and other features are planned to help move water through the area more quickly, according to his hired engineers.

The first site is set to become Hampton Meadows, a 50-house subdivision.

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