Quotes of the week

Quotes of the week

December 15th, 2013 in Local Regional News

The most memorable quotes in the Times Free Press for the week of Dec. 8-14:

"They took a chance on their life just to go in there and save them."

- Georgetta Jackson, grandmother of 2-year-old Tyler Jackson, who was badly burned in a house fire in April that claimed the life of his brother, Tyrell Jackson. Tyler was able to meet the firefighters who rescued him last week.

"I just had the desire to see the kids get fed in the summer. They were getting balanced meals for the day."

- Jeff Seay, assistant pastor at the Tabernacle of Faith Deliverance Church of God, on his efforts to provide summer meals to children in low-income areas of the city

"We've offered such a rich benefit for so long, and teachers know that is a selling point. They have come to expect it, and I don't blame them for that."

- Krista Torrance, employee benefits manager for Hamilton County Schools, on the school district's generous health care benefits package

"The water out there is so bad the dogs won't drink it."

- Beth Jones, executive director of the Southeast Tennessee Development District, on the tainted water wells in Pikeville and surrounding areas. Last week, Gov. Bill Haslam visited the city to deliver a check for $500,000 to extend water lines to residents.