Maury County passes resolution that bars landfills near Duck River

Maury County passes resolution that bars landfills near Duck River

December 17th, 2013 by Associated Press in Local - Breaking News

COLUMBIA, Tenn. - Maury County officials have approved a resolution that bars landfills from locating near the Duck River.

The proposal stemmed from a request in August by two companies to create a landfill on 845 acres near the river. Although the companies withdrew their application for a zoning change in September after it sparked public opposition, controversy over the issue continued.

The Daily Herald reports county commissioners voted unanimously on Monday night to approve the measure.

The vote came after at least two dozen residents voiced support for the measure and drew applause from an over-capacity crowd.

Many speakers highlighted the importance of clean water.

"Water is one of the basic blocks of life," Ed Penrod said. "We can never take safe water for granted. I urge you to take a giant step to protect our water supply and do it without nitpicking or amendments."

Others said the county should look for other types of economic development.

Jim Webb, a Columbia engineer and the county's surveyor, was the only person to speak out against the resolution.

"You're hurting Maury County in the long run," Webb said. "Let's be reasonable about this thing."

He said a landfill would help the county's economy. He also said passing regulation against certain industries could lead to a lawsuit.