Veterans Day parade in Jasper, Tenn., called success

Veterans Day parade in Jasper, Tenn., called success

December 24th, 2013 by Ryan Lewis in Local Regional News

Jasper Police Chief Tim Graham

Photo by Contributed Photo/Times Free Press.

Dan Pegg

Jasper, Tenn., Alderman Leon Rash

Photo by Contributed Photo/Times Free Press.

JASPER, Tenn. - The city hosted the area's only Veterans Day parade Nov. 9, and it was deemed a big success despite the complaint of at least one resident.

Police Chief Tim Graham said there usually is at least one complaint during Jasper's annual Christmas parade because the street is blocked off for it.

"They'll say something like, 'You've violated my civil rights. I need to go to this store,'" he said.

That same complaint was registered during this year's Veterans Day parade, Graham said.

"One of my officers, who is a veteran, got to tell [the complainant] that if it wasn't for these veterans, you wouldn't have those civil rights to gripe about," he said. "I thought that was very fitting after all these years doing the Christmas parade [along the same route]."

Dan Pegg of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6362 said he wanted to thank the Jasper Board of Mayor and Aldermen for the city's recent donation to that organization as well as its support of last month's parade.

Mayor Paul Evans said he appreciates the work the VFW does in the community, and the parade is just a small way to show the city's gratitude.

"I always say if you see a veteran, thank them," Alderman Leon Rash said.

Despite the minor objection, city leaders said the parade was a huge success.

"[Some people] want to have their rights, but don't have any respect for the people who provided them," Graham said.

City Attorney Mark Raines, also the county's General Sessions judge, said if that complainer had said too much more "he can come to see me."

The Veterans Day parade is expected to become an annual event in Jasper, and the board voted unanimously at its December meeting to host another one Nov. 8, 2014.

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