Inmate to be released after jail time confusion resolved

Inmate to be released after jail time confusion resolved

February 12th, 2013 by Todd South in Local Regional News

Myles Stout

Myles Stout will be released from prison in the coming days because his attorney's filings cleared up botched paperwork that may have held him in prison longer.

Stout was convicted of reckless homicide and reckless endangerment after a September trial for the March 9, 2011, shooting death of Myles Compton.

Stout served more than three months in jail awaiting trial, according to court records.

He began serving his prison sentence after his Nov. 5, 2012, sentencing hearing, in which Criminal Court Judge Barry Steelman sentenced him to two years in prison and 12 years probation.

In all, the 22-year-old served about six months behind bars on his two-year sentence but got additional credit for jail time served before his trial, which is why he'll be released soon.

Inmates receiving sentences of two years or less in Tennessee are considered for release upon completion of 30 percent of the prison term.

Attorney Hank Hill argued to Steelman in court documents that his client's paperwork had not been done properly to count his pretrial jail time and that Stout was due for release.

Once the corrected calculations were provided to the court, Stout's release date was determined as Monday. He has to be processed by the Tennessee Department of Correction and then will be released to probation.

Witnesses in the trial said Stout pressed a .40-caliber Sig Sauer handgun into Compton's chest and fired. Stout claimed to police that he didn't know the gun was loaded.