February 17th, 2013 by Staff Reports in Local Regional News

The most memorable quotes in the Times Free Press for Feb. 10-15.

"Our tradition of neighborhood schools goes back a long, long ways. But you have to look at it in today's dollars and cents."

- Mike Evatt, Hamilton County Board of Education chairman, on the move toward bigger elementary schools that will hold upward of 1,000 students

"He's a charismatic, narcissist sociopath. He turned into a controlling monster."

- Donna Patterson, mother of murder victim Jessica Neal, after Jessica's husband pleaded guilty to killing her and her grandfather

"What are they really doing to protect the inmates? Something has to be done."

- Yolanda Jackson, adoptive mother of Pippa Hall-Jackson, a 19-year-old inmate who was stabbed to death while being transferred from Hays State Prison to another Georgia facility

"It just works better that way."

- TVA Chairman Bill Sansom, in response to a question about why Tennessee Valley Authority directors get staff briefings and deliberate actions in private committee meetings rather than open meetings attended by media or others