The Foam Cutter cuts to order in Ooltewah

The Foam Cutter cuts to order in Ooltewah

February 28th, 2013 by Rachel Sauls-Wright in Local Regional News

Debbie Bearfield wants to bring a little comfort to your life.

She cuts foam to order at her Ooltewah shop called The Foam Cutter for everything from couch cushions to gun cases.

"The Foam Cutter," also known as Debbie Bearfield, cuts a custom foam order at her shop in Ooltewah. She said she can do everything from small-scale projects to mattress pads and wall coverings.

"The Foam Cutter," also known as Debbie Bearfield,...

Photo by Rachel Sauls

"People can call me with measurements and I can give them a quote over the phone," she said. "A lot of people can pick their order up the same day or the next day."

The bulk of her business comes from people looking to restuff their couch cushions. Some people think they need an entirely new couch but Bearfield said simply restuffing the cushions with some new foam can completely transform a worn-out couch into something much more comfortable.

"I custom cut to size, so you don't have to cut anything or pay for anything you don't use," she said.

After cutting new foam for something like a couch cushion, she said she recycles all the excess along with the customer's old foam. A local carpet manufacturer then takes the foam and turns it into carpet padding.

At her 9515 Lee Highway shop, Bearfield said she has cut everything from a small lawn mower filter to panels for soundproofing walls. Some of her most unique clients include Richard Fowkes and Co., pipe organ builders in Ooltewah, and people who've requested custom cases for carrying everything from cameras to knives. This year, she said she even helped someone create a rock Halloween costume so the customer could dress up with two friends as rock, paper and scissors.

"I've never met an unhappy customer," said Bearfield. "They're not going to leave until they're happy. I'm a people person, so I very much enjoy meeting new people and like it when they come back and tell me they're still sitting on the same cushions I did for them."

On average, she said she charges around $100-$130 to cut new foam cushions for a couch.

"It's hard for me to say my prices are competitive because I don't have any competition," said Bearfield. "There's not another custom cutter in the area. Just this week I got an order for someone in Florida. I don't mind shipping."

For more information about The Foam Cutter, call the shop at 238-6311 or find The Foam Cutter on Facebook. Anyone who likes the store on Facebook gets a lifetime discount, said Bearfield.