January 20th, 2013 by Staff Reports in Local Regional News

The most memorable quotes in the Times Free Press for Jan. 13-18.

"If you put attack dogs in the same pen what happens?"

- Charmaine Goins, a former inmate, on the extortion and violence he said were commonplace at Hays State Prison in Georgia and that have begun to spill over to people outside the walls

"There is a misnomer, a mythology that society takes care of the least fortunate. They may get care, but they don't get good care."

- Rick Rader, director of the Habilitation Center at Orange Grove, on the treatment of the intellectually challenged

"Dude, we need to start a clothing line, that's where it's at."

- Dalton High School student Cole Townsend, to one of three other teens who all went on to become partners in a private company that makes and sells bowties, hats, T-shirts and more

"He's vindictive. He doesn't understand the separation of powers between the judicial and executive office. He thinks he should rule."

- Chattanooga City Judge Sherry Paty, on Mayor Ron Littlefield's effort to make changes in the City Court clerk's office