Rhea schools officials extend director's contract to 2016

Rhea schools officials extend director's contract to 2016

July 20th, 2013 by Kimberly McMillian in Local Regional News

Jerry Levengood, the director of schools in Rhea County, Tenn.

Jerry Levengood, the director of schools in Rhea...

DAYTON, Tenn. - Rhea County school officials this week rewarded Director of Schools Jerry Levengood with a contract extension.

"Jerry's spent a lot of time not known," school board Vice Chairman John Mincy said of Levengood's commitment to the schools and their students. "He's one of the best [superintendents] I've worked with."

The board extended Levengood's contract until June 30, 2016, during its monthly meeting Thursday.

At last month's meeting, board member Dale Harris had said Levengood made less than the school system's former superintendents. In an evaluation workshop, the board rated his relationships with board members, staff and community, his financial expertise, leadership and future goals.

On Thursday, Harris initially suggested extending Levengood's contract until June 30, 2015, and providing him with a pay increase. There was a unanimous subsequent vote in favor to extending the contract until 2016, but no discussion of a pay increase.

Levengood announced that the new county high school's main phone number would be 423-285-6833, but that the equipment would not be installed until later this month.

Board member Bimbo McCawley lauded officials' hard work as the "heck of a dream" that is the new school nears completion.

Fellow board member Carroll Henderson said buses would run Aug. 8, the first day of school.

In other matters, Dayton City Schools new principal Linda Able asked the board to consider allowing that system's seventh- and eighth-grade students to try out for Rhea County Middle School's football team.

Able said the city didn't have enough students to form its own football team this year.

The board approved the move, but noted that the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association would make the final decision.

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