July 21st, 2013 in Local Regional News

The most memorable quotes in the Times Free Press for July 14-19:

"The school system comes to us asking us to spend our discretionary funds on [smart boards]. Now they want money for these TVs to work somehow with their iPads. I don't understand it. ... Chalk still works, and two plus two is still four."

-- Hamilton County Commissioner Fred Skillern, questioning the need for constantly upgrading public school classrooms

"Nobody had to die that day."

-- Theresa Daniel, after her son did not receive a recommended mental health evaluation and was shot to death

"I was in the Navy for 20 years. I've been in hurricanes. I've seen a lot of water. But I've never seen water move like that."

-- South Pittsburg resident Chris Ferrell, on the flooding that inundated the community July 10

"I'll believe them when I see it."

-- Patten Towers resident Henry Donahue, on the apology from the building's owner and promises of improvements to come

"It's just like having a saloon in Dodge City in 1872."

-- Gary Ball, former president of the Ridgedale Community Association, on two event halls that have been associated with violence and other problems