Soddy-Daisy student wins $2,000 in Jeopardy!

Soddy-Daisy student wins $2,000 in Jeopardy!

July 30th, 2013 by Jeff LaFave in Local - Breaking News


1st: Johnathan Shoemaker - Austin, Texas

*Prize: $11,600

2nd: Sallie Rawlston - Soddy-Daisy, TN

*Prize: $2,000 ($2,800 finish)

3rd: Aarin Martinez - Torrance, Calif.

*Prize: $1,000 ($1,600 finish)

Forget 15 minutes of fame - Jeopardy gave Sallie Rawlston a half hour.

The 10-year-old Soddy-Daisy resident appeared on Jeopardy's "Kids Week" tonight and walked away with a cool $2,000 second-place finish despite being the youngest player of the week-long event.

Rawlston finished the first round slow with only $800 in the bank, but started Double Jeopardy with a stellar run. In less than five minutes, she answered $11,000 worth of questions about Pixar films, carbon dioxide and - of all things - angioplasty, to vault her into first place.

Longtime host Alex Trebek noted her energy and persistent smile, especially when she tried to ring in during a personal Daily Double.

"Are you having fun, Sallie?" Trebek asked between questions.

"Yes!" she quickly replied.

None of the contestants could identify LEGO in Final Jeopardy as the toy company which produced 36 billion elements in 2011. Rawlston's answer of "Hasbro" and a $9,000 wager would drop her behind victor Johnathan Shoemaker of Austin, Texas, who finished with $11,600.