Rock Spring's WeeTeach Academy is full of summer fun

Rock Spring's WeeTeach Academy is full of summer fun

June 12th, 2013 by Katie Ward in Local Regional News

WeeTeach Academy Director/On-Site Director for Georgia pre-K program Stacie Hoglund McArthur, center, hangs out with summer camp students and summer camp teacher Lexie Mckee, right. Children can still enroll in summer camp, which runs through August.

WeeTeach Academy Director/On-Site Director for Georgia pre-K program...

Photo by Katie Ward Hamilton

In the heart of Rock Spring, WeeTeach Academy is enrolling children from infancy through elementary age for summer camp. The program runs now through the end of August.

In the first week of June, students participated in Music Day, All About Me Poster Day, Military Craft Day and Ice Cream Day. They brought CDs, created posters of themselves, made paper mache camouflage creations and received a special visit from an ice cream truck.

Throughout the rest of the summer, they will go to the LaFayette-Walker County Library weekly for reading story hour, watch a set amount of educational programs on TV daily and stay busy with crafts, coloring, games and outdoor activities. They will also participate in Water Day, playing with water buckets, sponges and a water bottle with a few pin pricks that turns it into a handheld sprinkler.

Playgrounds behind the academy have a variety of age-appropriate areas of play, including a teeter totter, merry-go-round, swings and more. Students will also go on summer field trips to a roller skating rink, the fountains at Joe Stock Memorial Park and an end-of-summer bowling trip to Pin Strikes.

"We like to go on safari hunts with hats and nets," said WeeTeach Director Stacie Hoglund McArthur. "The point is it's adventurous and fun."

Coming up in July, WeeTeach is hosting China Day, Australia Day, France Day and Mexico Day. Students and staff will also participate in "decade weeks" featuring the '50s, '60s, '70s and '90s. In August the school is hosting a Sports Day, Movie Day, Fitness Day and Super Hero Day.

"We have fun every day," said McArthur. "It's all about staying busy. The students are all like little sponges and they are learning every day. If the child feels loved and nurtured then the teacher has done their job."

The seven summertime staff members wash children's hands frequently, mop floors, keep diapers changed and keep counters and tables clean, she said, adding that cleanliness is a top priority at WeeTeach Academy.

Located at 63 Highway 95 in Rock Spring, WeeTeach can be reached at 706-375-4105. The academy is open year-round from 5:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday.