Rhea County schools prepare for move

Rhea County schools prepare for move

June 14th, 2013 by Kimberly McMillian in Local Regional News

Jerry Levengood, the director of schools in Rhea County, Tenn.

DAYTON, Tenn. - Moving day and updated textbooks were among topics discussed at a Rhea County school board meeting Thursday evening.

Rhea Central Elementary School's middle-grade classes will be moved to the new middle school next week, said Jerry Levengood, director of schools. Furniture deliveries for the new school will take place in July, he said.

Rhea County High School's construction is scheduled for completion in time for this school year. The middle-grade classes vacated from the elementary school will create several classroom openings, officials said.

Board member Bill Davault said, "It's almost impossible to get more pre-k classes, but RCES has openings."

Levengood agreed that they could take advantage of the openings if additional funding was available.

After reviewing the statistics for that age group, Davault said, "We need to look into that [funding] more."

Levengood said, "We will apply for [funding]" for upcoming school years.

A school representative told the board that local industries had requested the introduction of engineering classes to provide students with necessary job skills.

Levengood said textbooks needed updating, but they needed the classes approved first.

Levengood announced that adult education teacher Margaret Bott would serve Meigs and McMinn counties along with Rhea County. He also said Principal Gayle Kelly of Frazier Elementary School will retire in August. Application deadline for the principal position is today, and interviews will start Monday, he said.

In light of school changes, one teacher would "cover some classes" at both the middle and high schools, he said.

In the workshop before the meeting, board member Dale Harris requested a raise for Levengood.

"He's making less than his predecessors," Harris said.

In a sports change, the Dayton Little Eagles will move their games this year to the RCES' Chase Wilson field.

A special workshop is scheduled June 22 at 9 a.m., at the central offices on California Avenue.

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