Barking dog alerts rescuers to man's location

Barking dog alerts rescuers to man's location

June 22nd, 2013 by Associated Press in Local - Breaking News

COVINGTON, Tenn. - Man's best friend has come through again.

Search crews say they found a missing West Tennessee man because they were able to following the sound of his barking dog.

WMC-TV reports 58-year-old Cary Ferguson was walking his dog, Jinxie, in a rural area when they somehow became trapped in a deep creek bed about a mile from home.

Crews spent about eight hours looking for Ferguson, who couldn't yell when rescuers got close because he had a tracheotomy. Rescuers say Ferguson was trapped in a place difficult to see and they might not have found him if it wasn't for his companion.

Officials took Ferguson to the hospital to be checked out for dehydration.