Commission passes ban on family board members

Commission passes ban on family board members

June 27th, 2013 by Rachel Sauls-Wright in Local Regional News

Per a new county resolution, immediate family members of active Catoosa County commissioners will not be permitted to serve on a board appointed by the Commission.

At its most recent meeting, the Commission passed the ban that includes spouses, parents, siblings, children and mother-, father-, brother- and sister-in-laws of commissioners from being appointed to any county-appointed board, commission or authority.

"In this case and many cases, I think as commissioners we have to always have impartiality in making decisions," said Commission Chairman Keith Greene. "One of the basis behind this resolution and this policy is to make sure that whenever we're making decisions, any of the emotions are not part of the decision making process. Emotions in most cases have a detrimental effect on the decision making process."

Commissioners Jim Cutler and Dewayne Hill voted against the ban. Cutler's wife is currently serving the county's Library Board and Hill's wife was considering serving on the Hospital Board this year.

"Just as an aside, Mr. Chairman and fellow commissioners, the Library Board of state of Georgia encourages family members to co-serve," said Cutler. "They feel they get a better representation on the board that way."

During the meeting, Dusty Bridge presented a status report on the Alcoholic Beverage Board that was formed six months ago and of which he is the vice president. The board will begin making quarterly reports to the commissioners, he said.

"The first several months we were forming we spent a lot of time just doing administrative things and setting up the commission itself," said Bridges. "We're searching for new revenue streams and tax issues that can maybe bring some more revenue into the county. Package [beer] sales could be brought before this board at a later date. We're losing that tax revenue with the interstate running through the county."