Squatter arrested at expensive Memphis home

Squatter arrested at expensive Memphis home

March 8th, 2013 by Associated Press in Local - Breaking News

MEMPHIS - Memphis Police say squatters who may be part of the sovereign citizen movement have taken over a $3 million house that was foreclosed on in 2011.

The Commercial Appeal reports a bank representative this week discovered a chain and padlock on the gate and signs declaring "Private Property/Keep Out."

One of the signs read "Moorish American National Republic."

A police report said the sign refers to the sovereign citizen movement.

Sovereign citizens believe they are not subject to government laws and taxes. Some reject American currency, driver's licenses and other government documents.

Today police arrested Tabitha Gentry at the property. She had earlier filed papers with the County Register's Office that purported to lay claim to the property. Register Tom Leatherwood said the documents carry no legal weight.