Groups unite behind stopping Chinese from 'blowing up' Tennessee mountains

Groups unite behind stopping Chinese from 'blowing up' Tennessee mountains

March 19th, 2013 by Andy Sher in Local - Breaking News

Tennessee mountains

NASHVILLE - An environmental group is calling the Tennessee Conservative Union's decision to back a law banning so-called mountaintop-removal coal mining a "game changer."

But doing so, Appalachian Voices is playing down TCU's decision in an ad to push it as a "save Tennessee mountains from Communist China" matter.

"Appalachian Voices doesn't necessarily agree with every sentiment in this advertisement," the group told supporters of the bill banning coal mining above 2,000 feet ban in an email blast today. "It doesn't matter if somebody is from Beijing or Bristol, we don't think they should be blowing up mountains."

But the group said "we certainly don't agree with the Conservatives Union on many important issues related to energy and the environment, but the fact that the Tennessee Conservatives Union is stepping up to stop mountaintop removal shows that the breadth of support for protecting Tennessee's mountains ranges all the way from left-to-right, odd-to-even, and low-to-high."

TCU Chairman Lloyd Daugherty announced Monday night that the group was launching a statewide media campaign in support of the ban. He charged a Chinese company was involved in purchasing a coal company in Tennessee.

"Every Tennessean, regardless of political affiliation, should be appalled by the idea of allowing the red Chinese to destroy the very mountains crossed by Daniel Boone," Daugherty said.