Chattanooga: New court documents name other officers connected to Tatum beating

Chattanooga: New court documents name other officers connected to Tatum beating

May 1st, 2013 by Todd South in Local - Breaking News

Officer Sean Emmer Chattanooga Police Department

Officer Adam Cooley Chattanooga Police Department

An amended court document filed by a man suing Chattanooga police for a beating that broke his leg lists 23 new names of police officers a defense attorney alleges were connected to the 2012 incident at the Salvation Army.

Robin Flores, attorney for Adam Tatum, filed the complaint Tuesday in federal court as part of a $50 million civil rights lawsuit against the city of Chattanooga and the officers involved in Tatum's injuries.

The following police officers' names were added to the lawsuit: Matthew Robertson, Latoya Tate-Olk, Daryl Slaughter, Douglas Rawson, Michael Joiner, Todd Clay, Curtis Roth, Lorin D. Johnston, Jeff L. Kirk, Bruce V. Elliott, Kendra Adams, John R. Monroe, Michael C. Holloway, Blake V. Martin, Kevin Flanagan, Kyle D. Moses, Daniel Russell, Gary A. Williams, Markus Manson, Brion P. Posey, Cameka Bruce, Bryan S. Churchwell and Sgt. Darrell Turner.

Former officers Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley were the named defendants. The two officers were fired from the department in November.

Other officers listed in the original complaint included officers Mike Wenger, Joseph Neighbors and James Smith.

A Hamilton County Grand Jury declined to indict the officers on criminal charges. The men have appealed their firings.

Their attorneys, Bryan Hoss and Stevie Phillips, have previously stated that the officers responded to a call from the federal halfway house on June 14, 2012, and increased their use of force when Tatum pulled a knife during his arrest and attacked one of the officers.