Bradley County sheriff's deputies rescue boy from rushing creek

Bradley County sheriff's deputies rescue boy from rushing creek

May 6th, 2013 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

Two Bradley County Sheriff's deputies pulled a 13-year-old boy to safety after he wandered into a rain-swollen creek Sunday not realizing the depth of the water or power of the swift current, a news release stated.

Patrol Sgt. Jerry Rogers responded to the area of Tennessee Nursery Road and Old Harrison Pike Sunday morning after a report of flooding along Candies Creek. Rogers said the creek was out of its banks and described it as "approximately one hundred fifty yards of swift running water covering the roadway."

Rogers later returned to recheck the road after noon and observed a young man on roller skates approaching from the opposite side of the creek.

"I yelled at him not to try and cross the road. He either did not hear me or chose to ignore me," Rogers said. "When he got into waist deep water, the current pushed him off the roadway and into some trees."

When Deputy Sam Long arrived, the deputies realized they did not have time to wait on the rescue squad and entered the water towards the boy, according to the release.

Rogers said he has no doubt that Long saved the boy from drowning.