Georgia woman using bare hands to build house with rocks

Georgia woman using bare hands to build house with rocks

May 16th, 2013 by Associated Press in Local - Breaking News

SILVER CREEK, Ga. - A woman is using her bare hands to build a house in the woods of north Georgia by stacking large rocks on top of each other, one rock at a time.

Neighbors of Connie Couey Reeves, 58, began showing up to help her after hearing about the endeavor.

Reeves has spent the last two years living out of her car on her land where the house is being built, in the small community of Silver Creek about 60 miles northwest of Atlanta, WAGA-TV reported.

"After two years, just doing one rock at a time, and then having so many people find out about it all at once, it's very humbling," Reeves said.

"It's just amazing, it really is," Reeves said through tears.

Among the volunteers is Jennifer Grissom, who found out about the work from her husband. He discovered the house while helping residents clean up after severe storms. Reeves had asked him to deliver a discarded utility pole to the land, and he saw the partially built walls.

Grissom posted the story on Facebook, which drew several volunteers to the site. Jonnie Jaffer, a nurse, said she drove the 80 miles from Chattanooga, Tenn., to deliver concrete to hold the rocks together, food and some personal items for Reeves.

"There are a lot of people -- hundreds of people -- that want to help. Plumbers, electricians. Carpenters," Grissom said.

The volunteers say their next big project for the house is getting running water. They're also looking for someone to dig a well in order to get that water.