In Tuskegee speech, comedian Bill Cosby blasts vulgar lyrics

In Tuskegee speech, comedian Bill Cosby blasts vulgar lyrics

November 4th, 2013 by Associated Press in Local - Breaking News

TUSKEGEE, Ala. - Comedian Bill Cosby railed against vulgar lyrics in some of today's rap and hip-hop music and encouraged young people to embrace education.

Cosby made the comments during a speech to Tuskegee University students and community members during the school's homecoming and charter day convocation on Sunday.

He told the audience at the historically black college that "we're not a vulgar culture" and that he's not going to support anyone who is going to teach his grandchildren how to curse.

Cosby praised the university's Golden Voices Choir, which performed before his address. He juxtaposed the choir's music with the "vulgarity" that has become associated with rap and hip-hop music, The Opelika-Auburn News reported.

"I want you to understand, in that choir. you heard the use of the human voice to sing. We're not a vulgar culture. We are being attacked. We are being attacked by people who are making money off of us...," Cosby said.

"I don't want to support anybody who's going to teach my grandchildren how to curse," he added. "I can do that myself."

Cosby also urged young people in attendance to respect themselves, children, and women, WAKA-TV reported.