Pumpkin Pointers

Pumpkin Pointers

October 1st, 2013 by Kelsie Bowman in Local Regional News

Implement chalk, two-toned paint, monogramming, and masks to make your pumpkins come alive this Halloween!

Halloween candy's cool and autumn leaves are lovely, but fall just wouldn't be the same without a certain large, orange fruit. In celebration of the most pumpkin-y of seasons, it's time to get crafty with these four decorating ideas. And the best part is: no pumpkin glop involved. Though we can't promise you won't make a mess...

Two-toned Charm

Secure a piece of tape at the center of the pumpkin. Fill a container-large enough to hold the entire pumpkin-with latex paint of any color, and dip. The result is a very trendy color-block look. Also in line with the current trends, create the hombre look by blurring the edge of the paint with a damp cotton ball.

Chalk It Up

This idea is perfect for the decorator who wants it all ... and changes his or her mind on a daily basis. Holding the pumpkin by its stem, paint the entire pumpkin with chalkboard spray paint. After the paint dries, grab a piece of chalk-any color, though white stands out-and draw whatever you like, from a traditional jack-o-lantern's grin to a wailing ghoul to a helpful message. Itching for a new design? Simply wipe clean and draw something new.

Initial Reaction

This pumpkin style is both ultra-classy and ultra-easy to produce. Paint a sheer white (or any other color) square on one side of the pumpkin. Depending on what color you choose for the background, pick either a dark or light color for the initial, painting it on with a stencil. The initial can represent a family name or, by setting multiple initialed pumpkins side by side, spell out a message. We're thinking something like, "Boo!"


Pick out a fabulous mask from a local costume shop, or create your own with sturdy cardstock or even a paper plate. Holding it up to the "face" of the pumpkin, use a pencil to mark where the eyes and mouth should go. Paint the features out and secure the mask with hot glue. The result is a mysterious set of pumpkin eyes that peep out at trick-or-treaters.