Cleveland Utilities addressing traffic flow State Route 60 problems

Cleveland Utilities addressing traffic flow State Route 60 problems

September 11th, 2013 by Paul Leach in Local Regional News

Bart Borden, electric division manager for Cleveland Utilities

CLEVELAND, Tenn. - Cleveland Utilities personnel are working to resolve traffic flow and safety problems along state Route 60, a major thoroughfare.

In a recent utility board meeting, officials announced plans for signal timing changes along the 25th Street corridor, which is part of State Route 60.

"The new plan calls for four different [light] cycles consisting of morning, midday, evening and off-peak plans," said Bart Borden, vice president of Cleveland Utilities' electric division. "Plans will also differ from day to day, with separate plans for Monday through Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

The new timing has been implemented and is under evaluation, he said.

Other signal changes at 25th and Keith streets will allow for more green time for 25th Street drivers wishing to make right turns onto Keith Street, Borden said. The modifications include protected green arrows and the posting of "No U-Turn" signs on northbound and southbound approaches on Keith Street.

Twenty intersections on 25th Street, Keith Street and Paul Huff Parkway soon will receive a GPS-based traffic signal pre-emption system that will make it easier for Cleveland Fire Department vehicles to clear bottlenecks during an emergency, Borden said. Site preparation began in August, and installation will be completed this fall.

Cleveland's Department of Public Works is addressing safety concerns further west on SR60, along Georgetown Road.

The department recently added white stripe hash marks in the emergency lane of Georgetown Road between the short interval of Candies Lane and the northbound ramp at exit 20 on Interstate 75, Public Works Director Tommy Myers said in a meeting with the Cleveland City Council.

The hash lines were added, he said, to discourage drivers from using the emergency lane as a right-turn from Candies Lane to access the interstate. A number of accidents have occurred there when drivers making the illegal turn collided with other vehicles entering the exit ramp.

Myers said the department is reviewing a similar issue at Georgetown Road and Paul Huff Parkway. An illegal turn situation has been reported involving drivers making westbound turns onto Georgetown Road, near Walgreens.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation will hold a meeting on future improvements to SR60 on Sept. 18 at 1:30 p.m. at the Cleveland Municipal Building.

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