April 20th, 2014 by Staff Reports in Local Regional News

The most memorable quotes in the Chattanooga Times Free Press for April 13-18:

"The word of God will always be our guide for educating our students. It will always be the lens through which we teach our students how to see the world."

- Bryan College President Stephen Livesay on the college's commitment to provide students with the opportunity to learn and live from a biblical point of view

"The data provides no insight as to whether a physician provides quality care, or operates his or her business with integrity. There are many ways patients can evaluate physicians to make good choices about quality care. This data is not necessarily one of those."

- Dr. Woody Kennedy, president of the Chattanooga and Hamilton County Medical Society, on the release of billing data for Medicare, the federal health care program for seniors

"I'll probably die here. The reason I go to work is I have to rest up. The three or four days I'm off from here my wife almost kills me. ... I have to come back here to rest up."

- Ensign Florist delivery man James "Smitty" Smith, 83, who vows never to retire. He worked for the Rossville post office for 40 years and has worked for the local florist for 18 years.

"For many people who are going to relocate to this community, it is a magnificent place to live. But we have to remember that right now it is not a magnificent place for everyone. We can't lose sight of those in disadvantaged neighborhoods, where there are great disparities in access to the things that make this such a beautiful place to live."

- Rae Young Bond, executive director of the Chattanooga and Hamilton County Medical Society, on the disconnect between the city's cultivated image as an outdoor sports destination and magnet for young, active entrepreneurs and a harsher reality that persists for many residents