T.MAC reopens with rotating booths, bigger restaurant in downtown Chattanooga

T.MAC reopens with rotating booths, bigger restaurant in downtown Chattanooga

August 18th, 2014 by Dave Flessner in Local - Breaking News

T.MAC contributed photo from T.MAC Restaurants.

The downtown T.Mac restaurant, formerly Taco Mac, announced today it has reopened after a renovation that added rotating booths, more craft beers and 50 percent more space.

The TM Restaurant Group said the T.MAC restaurant at 423 Market Street has grown to 6,700 square feet after a three-month renovation and expansion of the 16-year-old downtown eatery in Jack's Alley.

The company-owned restaurant expanded its seating capacity to 270 with indoor seating and two outdoor seating patios.

A first for Chattanooga, the restaurant boasts three European-designed rotating booths. Accommodating six guests each, the circular booths feature a stationary table with seating that rotates 360 degrees for easy in and out. In keeping with its local tradition as a great place to watch sports, T.MAC now offers 63 large screen LED HDTVs, doubling its previous number.

T.MAC also is now pouring 96 beers on draft, nearly double its previous offering, with a greater focus on local and regional craft beers.

"The expansion and transformation of this restaurant has been absolutely remarkable," said Bob Campbell, the chief executive for T.MAC . " It has given us a chance to refresh and refuel our commitment to providing genuine food and craft beer to downtown Chattanooga, especially to its beer and sports enthusiasts. You can see our enthusiasm in every inch of the new space."