VW's Frank Fischer says no link between Chattanooga UAW vote and SUV

VW's Frank Fischer says no link between Chattanooga UAW vote and SUV

February 13th, 2014 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

Frank Fischer is the CEO of Chattanooga Operations for Volkswagen.

Photo by John Rawlston/Times Free Press.

The chief of Volkswagen's Chattanooga operations today said in a statement there's no tie between the union vote at the plant and where a new sport utility vehicle will be produced.

"There is no connection between our Chattanooga employees' decision about whether to be represented by a union and the decision about where to build a new product for the U.S. market," Frank Fischer said.

The comments come after U.S. Sen. Bob Corker said Wednesday night that based on conversations he had, VW will produce the new SUV in Chattanooga should workers vote against the United Auto Workers.

Corker stopped short of saying that UAW representation would mean VW might go elsewhere to build the new vehicle.

Fischer's comments are consistent with remarks made in Detroit last month by VW Group CEO Martin Winterkorn.

VW workers are voting through Friday on whether to accept the UAW as their representative.

Chattanooga is the frontrunner to produce a new midsize SUV for the U.S. market, though it's competing with VW operations in Mexico.

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