February 23rd, 2014 in Local Regional News


The most memorable quotes in the Times Free Press for Feb. 16-22.

"Jimmy believed this enough that he died. Whew! That's strong faith."

-- Bruce Helton, another serpent-handling preacher from Kentucky, of Jamie Coots' death from a rattlesnake bite

"The firestorm over this has been pretty, well, pretty brutal."

-- Hamilton County Commissioner Marty Haynes on public reaction to the purchase of manned speed cameras for the sheriff's office

"Even worse, the 'fist' of the state officials' threats about tax incentives for a new product line was in fact amplified by the 'velvet glove' of a United States senator who claimed to have 'assurance' from the company that the new product line would be a reward for a 'no' vote."

-- UAW filing to the National Labor Relations Board seeking at revote by Chattanooga Volkswagen plant workers

"More power to them. We're not going to move the state line, and we're not going to give them the Tennessee River."

-- Tennessee House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick on Georgia's latest threat to sue in the U.S. Supreme Court to access the river water