Bryan Rasmussen creates objects of contemplation

Bryan Rasmussen creates objects of contemplation

February 26th, 2014 by Emily Crisman in Local Regional News

Highland Park resident Bryan Rasmussen is exhibiting at Grafitti Gallery through March 15.

Highland Park resident Bryan Rasmussen is exhibiting at...

Photo by Emily Crisman

Artist and sculptor Bryan Rasmussen, who is exhibiting at Graffiti Gallery through March 15, sees each of his pieces as an object of meditation.

"I try to create a charged space for the viewer," the Highland Park resident said.

He said the pieces encourage the viewer to reflect inwardly. Each piece represents something being revealed or coming apart.

"There's a little element of danger," Rasmussen said of his sculptures. "It looks like it could fall over, but it won't, because of the way it's constructed."

He describes his sculptures as lines expressed in 3-D using square, tube-like shapes that are frozen in time, like a photograph. His inspiration for the works in the show was a seed pod bursting open, revealing what was inside, as well as rocks with fractures in them, he said.

"You can see how they fit together perfectly," Rasmussen said.

As he progresses as an artist, he continues to look at the work he has already done and builds on that.

"The first pieces are less complicated and different," said Rasmussen. "I'm trying to create more visual interest."

A Chicago native, he grew up in LaFayette, Ga., and got his Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture and photography from the University of West Georgia. This is his first solo show.

"If you have an interest in art, you should come see what's going on in your town," Rasmussen said. "The gallery experience is an experience in itself, one that a lot of people don't feel comfortable doing. There's no reason to be afraid."