TVA work on Watts Bar moves ahead on schedule for completion in 2015

TVA work on Watts Bar moves ahead on schedule for completion in 2015

January 16th, 2014 by Dave Flessner in Local - Breaking News

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Photo by Associated Press/Times Free Press.

TVA's newest nuclear power plant should be generating electricity within the next two years.

TVA Senior Vice President Mike Skaggs said today that work on the Unit 2 reactor at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant is moving toward fuel loading in the reactor by June 2015 and start up of the reactor by December 2015.

Skaggs, who took over operation of the $4 billion Watts Bar construction project near Spring City, Tenn., two years ago when TVA failed to meet the initial project schedule and budget, said today the revised completion project "is one time and on budget" and is about 81 percent complete.

"As the team continued to meet safety, quality, cost and schedule targets, we shifted our focus onto completing commodities, like valves and hangers, within specific systems and releasing those systems for testing," Skaggs said in his quarterly update on the construction work. "This is moving the project toward our major completion milestones."

About 3,300 employees and contractors are working on the completion of the Unit 2 reactor, which is a twin to the Unit 1 reactor TVA completed at Watts Bar in 1996. TVA began work on the Spring City plant in the early 1970s, but construction has been halted at different times due to equipment problems and a slowdown in power demand.