TVA says it is preparing for continuing drop in temperatures

TVA says it is preparing for continuing drop in temperatures

January 22nd, 2014 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

The Tennessee Valley Authority said it is taking steps to assure that its power system remains secure and stable as anticipated drops in temperature are seen as leading to greater demand.

Earlier this week, the power agency said it issued an internal "Conservative Operation Alert" that delays any non-emergency maintenance at its generation and transmission facilities.

TVA said it is working with its power distributors and directly served industrial customers to make sure of an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Additionally, TVA said it has initiated a "Power Supply Alert" that notes that demand could reach a level where unexpected shutdown of large facilities could reduce its power supply reserves.

TVA expects electricity demand to remain high through Friday, perhaps reaching as high as 32,000 megawatts. Demand was just above 32,000 megawatts during the height of the cold wave on Jan. 7.

TVA said its record winter demand was set Jan. 16, 2009, when temperatures across the Tennessee Valley averaged nine degrees and led to 32,572 megawatts. The record demand on the TVA system came Aug. 16, 2007, when temperatures averaged 102 degrees and led to 33,482 megawatts.