Spycam found in Chattanooga restroom, may have recorded kids

Spycam found in Chattanooga restroom, may have recorded kids

July 22nd, 2014 by David Cobb in Local - Breaking News

A Chattanooga man found a spy cam hidden in a restroom last week at the Chattanooga Billiards Club.

A Chattanooga man found a spy cam hidden...

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

The man who discovered a strange item that looks like a pen in the Chattanooga Billiards Club bathroom last week suspected from the beginning that it was an electronic device.

Only he thought it was an electronic cigarette, not a spy camera used to record men and children using the bathroom.

Josh Neelands, 27, was out with a group of friends at the downtown bar on July 15 when one of his friends found the device in the men's restroom.

When his friend showed it to him later, Neelands noticed it had the capabilities to connect with a computer and what appeared to be a tiny lens.

"After realizing what it was, I kind of had the suspicion that there was going to be something bad on it," he said.

The device contained two folders, one for photos and another videos, Neelands said. In the video folder was footage from several men's bathrooms. It is difficult, he said, to decipher from the videos where else the device was used, but said that it was set up to record people using the bathroom.

Neelands said he was shocked by what he found and turned the device over to police Sunday night.

A Chattanooga Police Department spokesman says the case is being investigated.