Tennessee man makes dinosaurs for backyard 'Jurassic Park'

Tennessee man makes dinosaurs for backyard 'Jurassic Park'

June 2nd, 2014 by WRCB-TV Channel 3 in Local - Breaking News

You might call it Jurassic Park yard art decorating Chris Kastner's backyard in Bluff City, Tenn. Everywhere you turn you'll find some form of dinosaur, they're in flower beds, they're in the trees, they're hiding everywhere. It all got started simply enough.

Chris Kastner, Backyard Terrors and Dinosaur Park, "I started because I wanted my own life sized dinosaur. Couldn't afford one or get one anywhere else so I had to build one. That led me through the whole process of figuring it out."

And once that happened stand back, he built more and more of them and opened the backyard to the public to come and visit. Now there's something new. Stan, a life sized t-rex looking like he just pushed his way through the woods into the backyard. But he took some time to create.

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