Searchable database on teacher licenses revocations and suspensions

Searchable database on teacher licenses revocations and suspensions

June 22nd, 2014 in Local Regional News

2004 - April 2014

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Name Date Opened Date closed Allegations School District Action against teaching license Terms of action
Adams, Donna Jun-08 Oct-08 changed the grades of two students; revoked by agreement; Rutherford Co. Revocation may apply for reinstatement July 1, 2011
Alcantara, David M. Dec-07 Nov-08 inappropriate messages to student at private school Knoxville Diocese Revocation 3 years; may reapply
Allen, David D. Nov-08 Apr-09 accessed obscene content on school PC while responsible for students Smith County Suspension 1 year suspension (through May 14, 2009)
Allen, Gary L. Jan-07 Aug-07 (all cases dismissed and/or expunged in CA)

Allen, Robert T. Jr. Dec-09 Jul-10 11/20/09 - pled to assault (M); DCS indication upheld for abuse Franklin Co. Revocation permanent revocation (ALJ)
Anderson, David W.
Apr-05 vol. surrender (child porn)
Voluntary Surrender
Anderson, Kenneth T. Jan-06 Apr-08 sexual battery, statutory rape convictions Rutherford Co. Revocation permanent
Andrews, Avis. B.
Aug-05 felony theft ~$32,000)
Angus, Jerry L. Apr-07 Aug-11 inappropriate behavior w/students Maury Co. Revocation permanent
Armstrong, Kent Oct-07 Aug-08 indecent exposure; misdemeanor, not at school or to kids Sevier Co. Suspension 1 year suspension
Ashby, David A.
Jan-05 statutory rape (admin)
Revocation Permanent
Ashford, Lisa W. Jun-06 Jan-07 suspended one year (alcohol at school); may reapply if meet terms
Suspension 1 year; may reapply in 2008 if meet terms
Ault, Margie May-07 Nov-07 min. 3 years; breach of test security, gave kids gifts, asked to secret Metro Nashville Revocation 3 years; may reapply
Baggett, Bobby R. May-09 Apr-10 DCS indication child sexual abuse (misdemeanor assault after sex. Battery charge) Dickson Co. Revocation at least 3 yrs; may not reapply as long as DCS indication stands
Bailey, Kenneth C. Mar-10 Mar-10 sex w/co-worker at school; lied to school investigators about it MNPS
employment action only
Bailey, Leslie L. Oct-05 Jan-06 KY revocation - sex w/student (agreed order 25 yr rev)
Revocation Permanent
Baird, Deborah A. Jun-07 Jun-07