Franklin father creates app that reminds parents not to leave children in hot car and other news

Franklin father creates app that reminds parents not to leave children in hot car and other news

September 1st, 2014 by Associated Press in Local Regional News

Franklin father creates app that reminds parents not to leave children in hot car

A Franklin father of three has created a smartphone app that reminds parents not to leave their children in a hot car.

Cody King says he has been haunted by the thought of accidentally leaving a child in a car, even though it's never happened to him or anyone he knows.

The Tennessean reports that the app uses an algorithm that tracks a user's movements coordinating between Wi-Fi, GPS and cell towers. When a driver stops for three minutes or longer, the app sends out an automatic alert asking "Did you remember the kids?"

The app created by King and his team of designers is called "Remember the Kids."

He says he wants parents to use as many tools or reminders as necessary.

Boy gets new ears

KNOXVILLE - In August 2011, Brandon Williams lost both ears in a dog attack near his home in Newport, Tenn. Three years after the incident, he is finally expected to have an operation to replace them.

A neighbor's female pit bull mix and another male dog attacked the boy as he went to deliver a package. Along with losing his ears, Brandon suffered lacerations, bruises and deep puncture wounds to his face, head and left arm. He was in serious condition when he was initially admitted to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

The male dog was shot at the scene and the pit bull later euthanized.

Brandon, who was 10 going on 11 years old at the time of the attack, has been working with doctors at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, preparing for the surgery.

According to James Baker, secretary of the Cocke County Shrine Club, this will be the first reconstructive surgery Brandon has had because doctors were not able to reattach his ears immediately after the incident.

"They are going to replace both of Brandon's ears," Baker said. "One of the ears will be artificial and another will be made from tissue from his own body."

According to Brandon's grandfather, Jim Williams, the cartilage for one of the new ears will be taken from his rib cage.

Alabama peanuts threatened

DOTHAN, ALA. - A survey by the National Agriculture Statistical Service indicates 51 percent of cotton growers in Alabama said their crops are still in good condition. Only 36 percent of peanut growers identified their crops as in good condition.

Agronomist Brandon Dillard told The Dothan Eagle that farmers have already lost some of their crop to dry conditions. He said more losses are possible unless there is more rain.

Part of Henry County is considered in a moderate drought.

The dry summer stands in contrast to the past few wet years. By comparison, none of Alabama was considered abnormally dry or in drought last year.

Bike boxes debut in South

NASHVILLE - Nashville has typically been a little slow-moving in installing bike lanes, according to Liz Thompson, executive director of Walk/Bike Nashville, a nonprofit that promotes cycling and walking as transportation alternatives. But the city is now becoming one of the first in the South to install a bike box, she said.

A bike box is a space at an intersection that allows cyclists to cut ahead of traffic and wait in their own specially designated area until the light turns green.

The boxes are growing in popularity across the country.