Holcomb Garden Center Heat Loving Plants for Summer!

Holcomb Garden Center Heat Loving Plants for Summer!

May 21st, 2015 in Business Experts
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For nearly fifty years, Holcomb Garden Center has been helping local gardeners be successful. Whether your goal is to have the greenest lawn on the block or to create a chef's herb and vegetable garden or surround your home with a lovely landscape, Holcomb's nursery experts can help you succeed. With two locations to serve you in Hixson and Fort Oglethorpe, it is just a short trip to an oasis of breathtaking plants that are sure to inspire you. Not only does Holcomb Garden Center offer you a large palette of plants, but we provide gardening tips to make sure you are successful. Check out the wealth of information on our website: www.HolcombGC.com .

Consider these wonderful heat loving options to brighten your summer garden

Listed below are many plant choices that thrive in the heat of summer, but please keep in mind, they will still need water. Just as we enjoy many outdoor activities in the summer, we need to make sure we stay hydrated. The same is true for plants. The heat is no problem, but they will get thirsty and will need to be watered whenever the soil gets dry. For some plants, this may be every day, for others, every several days to a week between watering is sufficient.

Annuals  I know that annuals are a one-year plant, but they are the eye candy of the garden. Annuals will bloom non-stop from now till the first hard frost of winter. Some of the toughest, heat-loving annuals are Lantanas, Dragon Wing Begonias, Purslane and Geraniums. Each of these prefers full sun and their summer blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds. 

Perennials  If you are looking for a flower that comes back each year, perennials are your answer. Some of the easy to grow, heat-loving perennials are Hemerocallis, better known as daylilies. The newer varieties come in a lovely choice of colors and many will repeat bloom for several weeks. Also consider the daisy-type perennials like the white Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum), purple cone flowers (Echinacea), and the orange Black Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia). These beauties add large splashes of color to your perennial garden.

Consider Shrub Roses If your landscape needs a larger plant that will bloom right up till cold weather, then shrub roses are the right choice! The rose industry changed with the introduction of the Knockout rose in the year 2000. This easy to grow, blooming machine started a wave of easy care roses that the landscape industry ate up. Large masses of color began popping up in home and commercial landscapes where roses never were before. Fifteen years later we have the Double Red Knockout, Double Pink Knockout, Golden yellow Julia Child rose, and the Tennessee Orange rose "Livin' Easy."

Come stroll through the greenhouses and discover gorgeous hanging baskets and bedding plants. Pick your own homegrown fruits and vegetables by planting your garden or orchard this spring. Discover the world of miniature gardening or "fairy gardening." Holcomb Garden Centers in Hixson and Fort Oglethorpe are ready to help you be successful in your lawn and garden. Don't forget, you earn Bonus Bucks with every purchase through June 18. Then during Bonus Buck Days (June 19-30, 2015) bring in your Bonus Bucks and use them like cash for up to 50 percent off your Bonus Buck Days purchase. It's summer; let's plant something!


"Not only does Holcomb Garden Center offer you a large palette of plants, but it also provides gardening tips to make sure you are successful," owner Tim Holcomb.


Holcomb has two locations to serve customers in Hixson and Fort Oglethorpe. Visit holcombgc.com for more details and current garden tips and trends.