Slip-up may have allowed Nashville murder suspect to leave jail

Slip-up may have allowed Nashville murder suspect to leave jail

March 21st, 2017 by The Tennessean in Local Regional News

Deion Woodruff

Deion Woodruff

Photo by The Tennessean /Times Free Press.

Nashville Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry says a paperwork mishap may be the reason a man charged with murder was allowed to get out of jail without paying the bond set in the case.

Last week, Nashville police officials said a "justice system error" allowed 22-year-old Deion Woodruff to get out of jail without meeting the bond requirement.

Woodruff turned himself in a day after police announced they were looking for him. Meanwhile agencies within the criminal justice system began looking inward for what went wrong.

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The Woodruff case

Here's a timeline of the case provided by Nashville Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry, Nashville police and public records:

› May 2014: Woodruff is arrested on murder charge in the death of Isaac Morris.

› November 2015: He posts the $100,000 bond set by the judge and is released.

› January 2016: Woodruff is arrested in a separate case on drug and other charges. The warrant notes he has a pending murder charge. His bond is set at $56,000.

› February 2016: The judge revokes Woodruff's bond in the slaying case because of his new charges and sets the amount to $200,000. Notification of this bond amount apparently never made it to the jail.

› March 9, 2017: Woodruff is released from custody after posting bond in the drug case. Officials soon become aware that he was released despite the slaying case.

› March 14, 2017: Woodruff turns himself in.