New Music Madness for August

New Music Madness for August

August 6th, 2009 by Sean Phipps in Multimediapodcastsmusiccast

I've been in a down-tempo, groovy kind of mood lately. I'm not sure if the heat is getting to me or if it's something to do with my love of the looming Fall months. My mood has greatly affects how I listen to music and the kind of music I listen to. This mix is a mis-mash of songs I've been enjoying throughout the week. Enjoy.

Songs included:

Animals -- Miike Snow

Brainwave - NOMO

SeaSun - Delorean

Ashamed of the Story I Told - The National

Over the Far and Hills Away - Bibio

Some Shows:

Bluegrass youngsters Act of Congress will perform at Nightfall tonight. The Show is at 8pm.

How I Became the Bomb performs at JJ's Bohemia tonight. The show is at 9pm.

It's Here come the Mummies weekend at Rhythm n' Brews. Two shows, Friday at 9pm. and Saturday at 9pm.

Saturday night, Neon Viking Funeral, Indian Friend, Milquelizard, Killbot, and DJ Drugmoney will perform at the Lowdown on Cherokee blvd. The show is at 10pm.