Target aims to boost same-day delivery by acquiring Shipt

Published Dec. 13 2017

NEW YORK (AP) - Target plans to boost its same-day delivery capability by paying $550 million for Shipt, its latest...

House and Senate tax bills treat disaster victims unequally

Published Dec. 12 2017

If the House Republican tax bill became law, victims of hurricanes in Texas and Florida who've yet to account for...

In tax push, Trump's team uses a dubious growth estimate

Published Dec. 12 2017

The Treasury Department just gave Republicans ammunition that their tax cuts would pay for themselves.

Late-night host Kimmel holds son, pleads for health care

Published Dec. 12 2017

Jimmy Kimmel held his baby son as he returned to his late-night show after a week off for the boy's...

Study: Children's deaths, injuries from window blinds show need for cord ban

Published Dec. 11 2017

Children's injuries and deaths from window blinds have not stalled despite decades of safety concerns, according to a new U.S....

'Coco' tops box office again before 'Star Wars' hits

Published Dec. 10 2017

The animated family film "Coco" has topped the box office for a third time on a quiet, pre "Star Wars:...

Price hikes push health insurance shoppers into hard choices

Published Dec. 10 2017

Margaret Leatherwood has eight choices for health insurance next year but no good options.

Bitcoin futures rise as virtual currency hits major exchange

Published Dec. 10 2017

The first-even bitcoin future began trading Sunday as the increasingly popular virtual currency made its debut on a major U.S....

Solid hiring may have further cut U.S. jobless rate last month

Published Dec. 8 2017

How low could the U.S. unemployment rate go?

Bitcoin soars then falls back; banks raise risk concerns

Published Dec. 8 2017

The price of bitcoin swung wildly Thursday, rising to more than $19,000 only to fall sharply within minutes, as both...

GE cuts 12,000 jobs in response to shifting energy market

Published Dec. 8 2017

General Electric said Thursday that it would cut 12,000 jobs in its power division, reducing the size of the unit's...

Congress averts shutdown, sends Trump stopgap spending bill

Published Dec. 7 2017

Congress on Thursday passed a stopgap spending bill to prevent a government shutdown this weekend and buy time for challenging...

Congress seems set to avert weekend government shutdown

Published Dec. 7 2017

Congress seems set to prevent a weekend government shutdown, but lawmakers and President Donald Trump still have longer-range disputes to...

How fast will the economy grow?

Published Dec. 7 2017

President Donald Trump on Wednesday held out the prospect of 6 percent growth of the U.S. economy.

UnitedHealth Group ventures deeper into care with nearly $5 billion deal

Published Dec. 7 2017

The nation's biggest health insurer is spending nearly $5 billion to buy hundreds of clinics, just three days after rival...

Count the ways: How GOP tax plans would reward rich families

Published Dec. 7 2017

Life may be about to get easier for people with rich parents. They can thank the Republicans' tax plans.

Shulkin urges emergency aid for VA private health care soon

Published Dec. 6 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) - In a fresh warning, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said Wednesday there could potentially be delays in...

Amid positive talk, some in GOP offer blunt take on taxes

Published Dec. 6 2017

Sounding a discordant note among the positive talk on the tax bill, a number of Republicans are delivering a blunt...

Then and now: Why 1986 tax bill was everything 2017's isn't

Published Dec. 5 2017

They don't do tax reform like they used to.

Justice Anthony Kennedy seems conflicted in Supreme Court wedding cake case

Published Dec. 5 2017

On a sharply divided Supreme Court, the justice in the middle seemed conflicted Tuesday in the court's high-stakes consideration of...

Indian tycoon's lawyer rebuts government extradition case

Published Dec. 5 2017

LONDON (AP) - Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya is refuting the Indian government's charge that he obtained hundreds of millions of...


Trump, congressional leaders plan White House budget meeting

Published Dec. 5 2017

President Donald Trump and congressional leaders have scheduled a summit to begin sorting out their budget differences, top lawmakers and...

Q&A: $69 billion Aetna bid pushes CVS deeper into consumers' lives

Published Dec. 5 2017

A drugstore chain that used to hawk cigarettes behind the front counter now wants to offer nutrition advice and work...