Southern California fire forces thousands to evacuate

Published Dec. 5 2017

Ferocious winds in Southern California whipped up an explosive wildfire that forced thousands of homes to evacuate and could soon...

Astronauts make, fling, float, eat pizzas on space station

Published Dec. 5 2017

The first-ever pizza party in space is getting sky-high reviews.

Poll finds many Harvey victims saying they still need help

Published Dec. 5 2017

More than three months after Hurricane Harvey walloped Texas, many affected residents say they're still not getting help they need...

As sexual harassment scandals continue, companies reining in holiday festivities

Published Dec. 4 2017

With a series of high-profile workplace sex scandals on their minds, employers are making sure their holiday office parties don't...

Future of Irish border remains an obstacle in Brexit talks

Published Dec. 4 2017

The European Union and Britain ended a flurry of top-level diplomacy on Monday without a deal on the terms of...

AP word cloud: The message in Pyongyang's propaganda

Published Dec. 4 2017

Kim. Nuclear. War.

Hawaii adding tone for impending nuclear attack to siren warning system

Published Dec. 1 2017

Just days after North Korea tested its most powerful missile yet, Hawaii is dusting off a relic not heard on...

Accusers face risks in breaking nondisclosure agreements

Published Dec. 1 2017

Details of alleged sexual assaults by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, comedian Bill Cosby and other famous figures are now widely...

Pope to greet Rohingya refugees at Bangladesh peace prayer

Published Dec. 1 2017

Pope Francis ordained 16 priests during a Mass in Bangladesh on Friday, the start of a busy day that will...

Jury acquits Mexican man in San Francisco pier killing

Published Dec. 1 2017

A jury on Thursday found a Mexican man not guilty in the killing of a woman on a San Francisco...

Japan's Emperor Akihito to abdicate on April 30, 2019

Published Nov. 30 2017

Japan's Emperor Akihito plans to abdicate on April 30, 2019, at age 85 in the first such abdication from the...

Anchors, moguls, politicians: The growing list of accused

Published Nov. 30 2017

Since The New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October, multiple...

Michigan sports doctor pleads guilty to assaulting gymnasts

Published Nov. 30 2017

A disgraced Michigan sports doctor who admits he sexually assaulted female gymnasts and possessed child pornography pleaded guilty Wednesday in...

What North Korean photos say about new ballistic missile

Published Nov. 30 2017

North Korea released dozens of photos Thursday of the Hwasong-15, a new intercontinental ballistic missile it claims can reach any...

Garrison Keillor off the air after misconduct allegations

Published Nov. 30 2017

Garrison Keillor, whose stories of small-town characters entertained legions of public radio listeners for 40 years on "A Prairie Home...

Arrest of suspected killer puts Tampa neighborhood at ease

Published Nov. 29 2017

After enduring almost two months of fear, a Tampa neighborhood breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday after authorities announced the...

Nevada high-rise suspected gunman dead, hostage safe

Published Nov. 29 2017

A gunman with a hostage opened fire from the eighth floor of a luxury high-rise condominium in Nevada onto the...

North Korea launches ICBM in possibly its longest-range test yet

Published Nov. 28 2017

After 2 1/2 months of relative peace, North Korea launched its most powerful weapon yet early Wednesday, claiming a new...

Egyptian village where mosque was attacked had been warned

Published Nov. 27 2017

Elders of a village in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula where militants killed 305 people in a mosque had been warned by...

Indonesia volcano forces mass evacuation, shuts Bali airport

Published Nov. 26 2017

Indonesian authorities ordered a mass evacuation of people Monday from an expanded danger zone around an erupting volcano on Bali...

Six injured as car hits pedestrians in German town

Published Nov. 26 2017

An apparently intoxicated man drove a car into pedestrians in northern Germany on Sunday, injuring six people, police said.


Mugabe was relieved after quitting, Zimbabwean mediator says

Published Nov. 26 2017

Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe knew it was "the end of the road" days before he quit, and appeared relieved...

Pakistan releases U.S.-wanted militant suspect on court order

Published Nov. 24 2017

Pakistani authorities acting on a court order released a U.S.-wanted militant Friday who allegedly founded a banned group linked to...