Security troops on U.S. nuclear missile base took LSD

Published May. 25 2018

One airman said he felt paranoia. Another marveled at the vibrant colors. A third admitted, "I absolutely just loved altering...

'Nut rage' Korean Air heiress questioned over housekeepers

Published May. 24 2018

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - A Korean Air heiress whose tantrum over nuts delayed a flight nearly four years ago...

Legend of Loch Ness Monster will be tested with DNA samples

Published May. 23 2018

The stories seem as tall as the lake is deep. For hundreds of years, visitors to Scotland's Loch Ness have...

Parents go to court to boot 30-year-old son from home

Published May. 22 2018

In a real-life case of "Failure to Launch," an upstate New York judge Tuesday ordered a 30-year-old man to move...

Humans account for little weight on Earth next to plants, worms, bugs

Published May. 22 2018

When you weigh all life on Earth, billions of humans don't amount to much compared to trees, earthworms or even...

Jupiter's backward-flying asteroid is another interstellar visitor

Published May. 22 2018

Just months after the discovery of our first known interstellar visitor, it turns out there's another asteroid from yet another...

Maine community creates massive ice carousel on frozen lake

Published Apr. 7 2018

SINCLAIR, Maine (AP) - Residents in a Maine town believe they've created the world's largest ice carousel on a frozen...

The center of the Milky Way is teeming with black holes

Published Apr. 5 2018

The center of our galaxy is teeming with black holes, sort of like a Times Square for strange super gravity...

'Miraculous': Teen survives 12 hours in Los Angeles sewer system

Published Apr. 2 2018

A 13-year-old boy was miraculously rescued Monday after falling into a river of sewage in Los Angeles, getting swept away...

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week

Published Mar. 31 2018

A roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue headlines of the week.

Bones found in 1940 seem to be Amelia Earhart's, study says

Published Mar. 8 2018

Bones found in 1940 on a western Pacific Ocean island were quite likely to be remains from famed aviator Amelia...

Museum to discuss efforts to see if bones belong to pirate

Published Feb. 18 2018

Researchers are set to discuss their efforts to determine whether human bones recovered from a Cape Cod shipwreck are those...

Leaping elk crashes low-flying research helicopter in Utah

Published Feb. 13 2018

An elk leaped into a research helicopter that was trying to capture it and brought down the helicopter in a...

Wedding dress returned 32 years after dry cleaner mix-up

Published Feb. 12 2018

An Ohio woman had given up hope of seeing her wedding dress again after a dry cleaner mix-up three decades...

Woman has 14 worms pulled from her eye after rare infection

Published Feb. 12 2018

An Oregon woman who had worms coming out of her eye is being called the first known human case of...

Fans return Eagles CB Sidney Jones' lost cellphone

Published Feb. 9 2018

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A group of fans have helped return Philadelphia Eagles rookie cornerback Sidney Jones' lost cellphone during the...

"Lady Doritos"? It's not happening, PepsiCo says

Published Feb. 6 2018

NEW YORK (AP) - Don't expect to see "lady Doritos" on store shelves. The company behind the cheesy chips said...

Scientists successfully clone monkeys; could humans be next?

Published Jan. 24 2018

For the first time, researchers have used the cloning method that produced Dolly the sheep to create two healthy monkeys,...

Motion-activated cameras capture animals being wild, weird

Published Jan. 17 2018

How does a bighorn sheep say "cheese?"

Holiday decor to park chalet? Capitol tree heads to Montana

Published Jan. 10 2018

HELENA, Mont. (AP) - The spruce tree destined to serve as the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree was carefully selected from...

No jail for fertility doctor who lied about using own sperm

Published Dec. 14 2017

Some former patients of a retired Indianapolis fertility doctor expressed anger that he avoided jail time Thursday for lying about...


Fertility doctor faces judge for lying about using own sperm

Published Dec. 14 2017

A retired Indianapolis fertility doctor accused of inseminating patients with his own sperm is set to plead guilty to charges...

Astronauts make, fling, float, eat pizzas on space station

Published Dec. 5 2017

The first-ever pizza party in space is getting sky-high reviews.